November 26, 2007

Kola kuzhal...from the movie Nivedyam

Its been a while since I posted a song. The inconsistency is not deliberate. My daily routine keeps me busy; moreover I was waiting for the right song and the right opportunity. Finally I found this song. "Kolakuzhal" from the recent movie Nivadeyam and I couldn't think of any one else to sing it with other than our Jo. I think he has sung the song exceptionally well. In spite of incessant issues with his throat he has managed to give the song his best.

So here is my debut-duet with Jo. Hope you enjoy the song. As always, I appreciate frank comments and suggestions from all listeners.

Song: Kolakuzhal
Film: Nivedyam
Lyricist: Lohita Das
Music: M. Jayachandran
Originally Sung by : Vijay Yesudas and Swetha
Rendered by: Jo & Rashmi



Jo said...

It was a pleasure doing a duet with you Rashmi. Thanks you and you have done a very good job.

Rama Iyer said...

It is a simply wonderful song Rashmi. Lovely indeed:) Both of you have sung beautifully

Rashmi Nair said...

Thank You Rama chechi. Glad you liked it.

Mahesh said...

Good Rashmi and Jo..great song. both sung very well!!!
And also how did you both sing together as I understand Jo in Kerala nd Reshmi in US

Rashmi Nair said...

Mahesh: It is all about technology my friend :)

I got the karaoke, sang the female vocals, sent it to Jo. He sang hos portion of the song and mixed it. That's all :)

Live Reporter said...

Rashmi: That's very good.

Can you advice me a good software which can be used for singing/recording. Can you forward me a software if its convenient!
My email:

Thanks again - Keep up the good singing!!!

Kiranz..!! said...

Very good voice Rashmi,soothing one to hear..!

Naveen said...

Excellent rendition by both of you.
The song as well as your singing is super. Claps...

Divya.S.Menon said...

Awesome!!!!! You sung really well. Keep up the good job. Hope to hear more from you. All the best.

അഭിലാഷങ്ങള്‍ said...


Both Of u are having good voice..

congrats.. keep it up

-Abhilash, Sharjah

Manoj said...

Hi Rashmi:
Soulful rendition of a wonderful song. Kudos to both you & Jo.

I have been searching all over the web for the karaoke track of Kolakuzhal & my wife are planning to sing it for Christmas...Would you be kind enough to send us the karaoke track or point us in the direction where we can buy/download it...

Once again super job Rashmi & Jo.

The best,

Rashmi Nair said...

Hi Manoj:
Thank you for your feed back. I am glad you liked it. I can send you the Karaoke, but I don't hvae your email id. Send me your mail id and I will forward you the Karaoke right away.

Manoj said...

Thank you Rashmi for the prompt response.
My email address is
Once again, thank you very much & god Bless.

The best.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Rashmi - Sorry I am late here. I came here after listening to your song with Jo in his blog today! I don't have words to explain your singing! You are amazing. Very sweet voice. Wonderful singing.

This song is amazing as well. I must say it is better than the original.

Are you trained in music. I bet you so well. If you are - Please keep practicing ( and please tell Jo too...he doesn't listen to me.....:-) )

Looking forward to more songs from you !

Happy New Year.

renuka said...

hey rash, can u pls send this song to my email asap.. cheers renu

Infectiously Witty said...

hi rashmi..I was looking for the karaoke of this song...could u email it to me please? I m singing this next month

email id is

ikond said...

Hello Rashmi. Can you please send me the karaoke track of Kolakuzhal. My daughter wants to sing the song. thank you so much

frashegird said...

Rashu, you have been blessed with a wonderful voice... and the heart and intelligence to understand and render music so beautifully. I think your expression of emotion - your connection with the songs you sing - is perfect. Don't ever change.

You've had this fan for the last 17 years, and I promise you that the admiration, pride and joy in you will never ebb.

Love and God bless,

Laks said...

Hi there!!

Amazing both!! Have done a great job! Wonderful voice, Jo! Would you mind sending me the karaoke file for this song?
My email is

surya said...

Very good..really liked it..was trying to get the karaoke for long...could you please email the karaoke to

AbdulSalam said...

Very good Rashmi. Can you please send me the karaoki of "kolakuzhal" in midi format, if you have it?