October 21, 2008

Tu Jo Mere Sur Mein (Cover)

Here is another song by NVK sir and me. It’s from the Movie Chitchor.

Chitchor is one of those evergreen movies with songs that will last forever. I think it has Ravindra Jain’s best music compositions.

I thank NVK sir for suggesting this song. I hope – Humne Sur mein Gaya hai :)

Movie: Chitchor (1976)
Music Director : Ravindra Jain
Singers: Yesudas & Hemalata
Cover By: NV Krishnan & Rashmi Nair

Tu Jo Mere Sur Mein (Cover) | Music Upload


rajani said...

great show rashmi and NVK. Especially the end swaras!!! love u !!
rajani nair

Smitha said...

WOW!!! I have no words to describe how much I loved it! Ur rendition is as beautiful as the composition itself. Excellent job!!!


Nandita said...

Verrry nicely sung by both of you :). Enjoyed it a lot.

raj said...

Hey Rashmi,

Fantastic job, I loved every bit of it da… I am so happy to see your improvement in every song.. Keep it up !! 3 cheers to NVK also.


frashegird said...

rashu, beautifully sung. hope you also sing "jab deep jale ana" one day.

aap ne bilkul sur mein gaya... this song has lots of male-female transitions and you've obv recorded this from two diff locations and still managed those well!

this song is a favourite. there's something esp lovely abt the swaras in between, i rem i used to keep singing the "dha ni ga..." bit back when we were kids.

oh, and i loved your last "bandagi" too. =)


Rajesh Raman said...

Very Well Sung. NIce recording as well..Keep singing !

raghav said...

i dont believe it.. amazing is not the word... i was baffled by your voice.. i knew u sang well but this was subhan allah... good going...

Pooh said...

Rashmi, your voice is so soothing to the ears. Amazing song, and a great job. I love the music.

Deblina M. said...

Very beautifully sung NVK ji & Rashmi.

Keep it up!

Vishal said...

Rashmi & NVK Sir,

Very well sung by both of you ...Beautiful ...:-)