April 9, 2009

Ponveene - Cover (Duet with Murali Ramanathan)

This is one of my favorite songs evvver!! It's from the movie Thalavattom. Watching this movie is a bitter-sweet experience for people like me and Raj (Huge Lalettan Fans).

This is, one of Laletten's best performances, yet the ending is no so good :-(

For people who have not seen the movie, I don't want to spoil it my telling you the ending. So if you have not seen the movie, go watch it!!

But the songs compensate for everything... this is an evergreen number and it's so always refreshing to listen to it. I thank Murali Ramanathan for suggesting this song and for singing it so beautifully. Hope you all enjoy listening to it.

Movie: Thalavattom (Malayalam-1986)
Singer: MG Sreekumar, KS Chithra
Music Director: Raghukumar, Rajamani
Lyrics: Poovachal Khader
Cover: Murali Ramanathan & Rashmi Nair

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Vidyu said...

Beautifully sung Rashmi & Murali :) Very well sung by both of u..Thanks for singing this nice composition by fellow Kozhikodan Raghukumar ;)