February 3, 2009

En Kanmani (Cover with Sriram Srinivasan)

I really enjoyed recording this song. Please listen and give us your feedback.

Movie: Chittukuruvi
Composer: Ilayaraja
Lyricist: Vaali
Singers:SP Balasubramaniam,P Susheela
Cover: Sriram and Rashmi

En Kanmani (Cover with Sriram Srinivasan) | Music Codes


Vidyu said...

:-) That was very sweet Rashmi & Sriram! Sriram's voice sounded very close to SP!! Nice overlaps..The track I thought cld be a little louder?

கே.ரவிஷங்கர் said...

Sriram & Rashmi,

I came here through Sowmya blog.

I heard "En Kanmani" & Kalyana Then".


Excellent.you are few inches away from SPB.Pronounciation is good.SPB"s kuzhaithal"(குழைதல்/சிணுங்குதல்) is missing.Best wishes.

I think the background music is cooked one?

Superb singing.Your voice sounds like S.Janaki.It is like SJ singing
PS song. you have very sweet voice.

"kalyana" What a romatic composition by my favourite Maestro! Rashmi you have done it well.Here your voice is mixure of
SJ+cChitra. Best wishes.

Sriram can you try the following:-
SPB"s "Nanda En Nila" .Superb singing by SPB.

நந்தா என் நிலா

raj said...

Hi Rashmi

Once again three cheers!! Both you and Sriram has done a great job!! I am sure Raj also has put his heart in to mixing the tracks. Keep it up, looking forward to more & better performances.


Sundar said...

Rashmi and Sriram, Very nicely sung and nicely mixed. What happened to the dialogues ("Nalla sonnel pongo", "Indhaamma karuvaatu kooda, munnadi po" ) in between song