February 7, 2009

Ennodenthine Pinakkam (Cover)

This song goes out to my cousin, Ranjana. I think she sings this song exceptionally well; this song always reminds me her. It also takes me back to those few memorable months I spent in Bangalore, before moving to the U.S.

Ranjana is a proud mother now. She and her husband Anand, have been blessed with a cute baby boy, Siddharth. :)

Ranju, you bring so much joy by just being yourself. Hope you remain just the way you are!

As always, please feel free to give me your honest comments and suggestions.

Movie Name: Kaliyattom (1997)
Singer: Bhavana
Music Director: Kaithapram Viswanathan
Cover By: Rashmi Nair


Vidyu said...

rashmi, engane paadiyal aarum pinangilla...pinakkamokke inakkamaavum ;) never realised the original singer was bhavana! u have sung beautifully! all those little touches..loved it! :-)

Ranju said...

Hey Rash..Thanks a lot for the song :-)n thanks for the compliment too(but I dont think my singing deserves so much)

Need I say anything about your rendition!!!!As always great singing..always a fan of your songs


rajani said...

hi Rash..
As good as original..or ever better?? keep it up!!
rajani nair